Bristol drives recruitment growth in the South-West

Recruiters looking to fill recruitment roles in the South-West of England could face a tough time, as the number of active job seekers in the region fell throughout May, according to the latest figures from Recruiter Jobs, the jobs and careers board for Recruiter magazine and

The total number of active users fell by 24% from 221 active users in April. However, the number of live vacancies reached 101 for the same time period, a 28% increase from 79 live vacancies in April.

Lydia Bartlett, managing director at Bristol-based recruiter, Cute Resource, agreed that there is an increase in the number of candidates in the area as “the benefits of house prices and quality of life are meaning people are keen to relocate to the South West”.

In Bristol alone, there was a number of recruiting positives, with the total number of live jobs increasing by 27%, the number of live jobs per user increasing by 79%, and the total number of applications per user increasing by 25%. However, the total number of users actively seeking a new role fell by 30%.

Heather Froud, operations director at Lucy Bristow, told Recruiter that confidence in the area is “definitely on the up”.

Sector wise, the majority of job seekers in the South-West were searching for roles in healthcare (7.4%), recruitment-to-recruitment (6.1%), and human resources/personnel (4.3%). The same three sectors dominated the number of lifv vacancies actually available, led by healthcare (24%), recruitment-to-recruitment (11.6%), and human resources/personnel (4.6%).

“HR is definitely a growth area, but we are also seeing increases across the board which is a really encouraging sign,” Froud added.

In terms of job function, in-house recruitment (23%), recruitment consultant (21%) and business development (11.3%) were the most popular type of roles job seekers were searching for in May. However, the actual number of live vacancies on the site was dominated by the role of recruitment consultant, with over half (53.5%) of total live vacancies.

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