Competition for jobs falls in the South-East

Competition for recruitment jobs in the South East of England decreased substantially last month, according to figures from Recruiter Jobs, the jobs and careers board for Recruiter magazine and

The number of job applications for the region fell by 30% on May’s figure. In Hampshire, the number of job applications were down 22%, in Hertfordshire applications were down 24%, Surrey (-33%), Berkshire (-53%) and in Bedfordshire applications were down 57%.

However, confidence differed substantially in Kent, where the number of live jobs (+132%), the number of active users (+46%), and the number of applications (+29%) were all on the up.

Debbie Lock, managing director of Kent-based agency Jobfinders Recruitment, said there is a “feeling of confidence in the area” but if it had been a couple of months ago then things would have been “very different”.

“More and more people are wanting to move, and the industry is finally starting to recover,” she adds.

In terms of jobs available on the site, recruitment consultant leads the way with a 49% share, followed by senior consultant (22.3%), and in-house recruitment (12.5%). However, the majority of users are searching for an in-house role (35.8%), recruitment consultant (25.4%) and area/branch/sector manager position (7%).

Sector-wise, recruitment-to-recruitment proved to be the most popular sector to work in, with 6.2% of candidate searching for a role within this industry, followed by human resources/personnel (5.4%), and healthcare (5%).

However, when it comes to actual jobs on the site, construction/built environment led the way with 8.3%, followed by engineering (6.3%), and IT (6%).

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