The Greatest vacancies outside London / Recruitment agencies

Which regions outside London have the greatest vacancies in recruitment agencies, and why?

Recruiters looking for work should not restrict themselves to London agencies and consultancies. Instead, they can cast their eye around the country for areas with high demand and enticing packages for consultants.

Recruitment industry experts give us their insights into the recruitment hotspots outside the capital.

Matt Wilson

Matthew Wilson, director, Fresh Partnership:

“Outside of London we’ve seen a dramatic increase in all sizes of recruitment firms across the Midlands and Northern regions (mainly Yorkshire & North-West) keen to be introduced to experienced recruitment professionals, who bring a demonstrable track record of achievement. Interestingly, some firms are keen to allow transferable skills to other sectors too, which definitely wasn’t happening 2-3 years ago.

“During the recession here at Fresh Partnership, we feel that the Midlands and North particularly suffered with teams and branches being heavily reduced in headcount; however, with the housing market showing steady recovery signs and manufacturing growing faster than expected, employment in these sectors are expanding at their fastest pace in almost three years – firms in the regions mentioned are the ones that need to rebuild and fill empty desk space.”

Tara Lescott

Tara Lescott, managing director, Recruiter Republic:

“East Anglia is hugely busy and companies in all sectors across Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk are all expanding rapidly. The most popular requirements are for consultants with over 12 months’ experience and most popular sectors are finance, IT, construction and engineering.

“Cambridge held strong throughout the recession, protecting construction and property markets, while the huge and continued investment in technology, engineering and science via the Science Park continues to boost those markets. Our Cambridge office is managing record levels of vacancies and it’s a brilliant time for experienced recruiters to explore new opportunities. We are seeing a real surge of interest in options with some of the more independent firms as consultants from some of the main PLCs seek more autonomy, less red tape and greater rewards.

“The packages and desks on offer have never been better as employers recognise the need to attract the best local talent and most firms can offer recruiters the opportunity to move into a management role as part of their expansion plans.

“Manchester is also a key location for agencies based in the South looking to expand their network. We are currently retained by several firms looking to launch new offices in Manchester by appointing director-level candidates to lead their development across the North-West and with a particular trend in construction, property and engineering-related sectors. Senior level recruiters, managing consultants, managers and directors should watch this space as more and more options emerge over the next few months.”

Julie O'Neill [square]

Julie O’Neill, managing director, McCall:

“The Home Counties area has a lot of vacancies currently because a high percentage of candidates will travel into London for the enhanced prospects (and earnings) that the capital typically offers.

“However, there are lots of head offices in the North-West (particularly in Manchester within the technical sector), which is very robust so nearly all firms are hiring. Hampshire and the South Coast areas are also busy and the latter have specific geographic challenges in that they are surrounded by sea as well as land, which reduces the candidate pool even further!”

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