Recruitment city jobs fall in April

April figures from Recruiter’s job board has revealed the number of recruitment vacancies advertised in Greater London fell by 4%.

The total number of vacancies fell from 432 in March, to 414 for April.

However, applications for the month increased to 405, an increase of 16% from March’s 349 applications. The total number of applications per job fell to 1.49, a 12% decrease from 1.69 applications per job in March.

Applications per user increased, with 0.51 applications being processed per user, an increase of 16% from March. The total number of jobs advertised per user fell to 0.52, a 5% fall from 0.55 in March.

Sector wise, Recruiter’s figures reveal that for the month, construction/built environment (7.8%), marketing (7.3%) and sales (7%) represented the largest share of jobs available.

These figures differ substantially with the types of roles users are actually searching for. Finance/banking/insurance (6.6%), rec-to-rec (6%), and HR/personnel (5.3%) were the most searched for sectors to work in.

In terms of share of applications, 8.3% of job seekers were applying for a role within the finance/banking/insurance industry, while 5.4% of vacancies on the site relate to this sector. 

Most job searchers in Greater London were looking for a job with a permanent contract (92%), on a full-time hours basis (99.8%). Interim/contract/temporary work (8.2%) with part time work (0.25%) doesn’t appear to be the most favoured type of work in Greater London right now.

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